What If...
One Critical Mental Shift and Five Simple Steps
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Guess what? I'll show you 25 centuries of documented proof that this is TRUE!

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  6. Enter into real contact with the Absolute Reality behind this visible universe (yes, I mean God)
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Praise for The 5 Pillars of Life - Dr. Symeon Rodger's
acclaimed "textbook" on Resilience

"By far the best guide I have seen..."

When I read The 5 Pillars of Life, I discovered that this book was way more than just a compilation of ideas and facts and figures - it was a real Operator's Guide to life. And not just any life - a real life, full of richness and depth.

I found myself challenged by the book's premise in a positive manner. And, I developed an intense desire to start putting into practice the principles contained in this very valuable book.

I don't consider this book to be suitable for those looking for more feel-good mushy talk - it has far too much straight talk and hard hitting insights. This material is for those who want to become true modern day warriors, in the true sense of that concept.

If you are truly willing to walk your talk and ready to really transform your life, this is by far the best guide I have seen amongst the hundreds and hundreds of texts out there.

But, I warn you - as you follow the precise directions of Dr. Rodger, you will need to re-examine much of your present existence and life patterns, and that can be a real challenge.

Steel yourself for the real life...

Robert Vibert
Personal Development author, speaker and coach
Author of The Missing Link to Your Emotional Healing Success and The Missing Link to Your Financial Success

"...Held Me Spellbound"

I appreciate Dr. Rodger's vast knowledge and enthusiasm for helping us to realize we all have a choice about our life. We can choose to live a tormented and fruitless life or an excellent and powerful one.

Now you may ask yourself, is this book for you? I would answer Yes! I review many books, but this one especially held me spellbound. I will definitely be reading it again and again.

Anita Finley
Journalist and Talk Show Host
Boomer Times and Senior Life Magazine

Praise for Dr. Symeon Rodger's SPECIAL REPORT...

"Thoroughly impressed"

As a professional author, I usually find "reports" to be lacking in interest and content, and find myself skimming for the 'good parts.'

However, I read every word of the this Special Report and was thoroughly impressed, and excited to have the opportunity to work with a man of Symeon's impressive background, level of knowledge, ideas and attention to detail.

SuAnn Kiser
Palo Alto, California